Are you longing to find a sacred container to explore YOUR lunar rhythms?

Come and connect with an international group of lunar loving women of all ages


We invite you to join us for our Fall Moon Circle, The Journey Inward to explore the seasonal themes of release, rest and renewal within the Sacred Container of an virtual Moon Circle. 

The Moon offers us the medicine of remembering that everything is in a state of change. Her waxing and waning mirror the cycles of life, birth and death, the wheel of the year, the tides and swelling inside you, and the expansion and contraction of the universe.  

Embodying the ever-shifting nature of the Moon is to understand your OWN nature of change. It is a way of knowing, of nurturing, and releasing. 

Attuning with the Moon is an opportunity for you to embody lunar rhythms as they are moving through you, deepening your personal relationship with the Moon and your inner knowing. By engaging in supportive practices you will experience the lunar energetics on a deeper, more embodied level. The Journey Inward is an opportunity to explore these lunar energetics & seasonal themes within a supportive circle of women. 



In The Journey Inward we will be offering practices that can help support the transition to Autumn and the return to our roots, our source, ourselves. We will to explore how darkness can be a tool for healing. 

  • New Moon in Libra // September 30th - The Journey Inward

  • New Moon in Scorpio // October 30th - Beginning the Descent

  • New Moon in Sagittarius // November 29th - Spiraling Deeper

Join the Moon Circle for the New Moon in Sagittarius- $47




  • PDF's: lunar calendar + supportive materials

  • Videos: lunar themed creative project & lunar astrology 

  • Audio: lunar meditation

  • Live Q & A call with Kristina and April

  • Optional FB Group: for connection with the women on the journey

  • Guidance in seasonal self-care with special guest, Ayurvedic Practitioner Susan Fauman



talisman for the journey inward

This third eye-jewel in the lotus-yoni-peacock feather-moon-heart line talisman was created by Susan Fauman as a companion piece for the Fall Moon Circle. Chalcedony is considered a nurturing stone, absorbing negative energy and dissipating it before it can be passed on. It promotes sisterhood and good will, opening the mind to new ideas, instilling feelings of benevolence and generosity. Participants registered in the The Journey Inward will be able to purchase at a discount ($65 instead of $75).